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Consulting Services

Are you looking for some guidance on where your digital transformation should take you? Our consultants will be by your side throughout your journey helping with any queries you may have.

Resource Augmentation

Our team of specialists are available for short to long term engagements to help your business fill in any gaps in your current team. Sometimes you just need that extra pair of hands to help you over the finish line without the need of hiring a permanent position.

Bespoke Software

If you find that the current offerings of the 'On the Shelf' products don't fit your businesses needs, whether they are too complex or don't touch the surface of what is required for your business, then why not use our Bespoke Software option where our developers can create you software that meet your requirements.

Maintenance / Support

If you have an existing IT or software system that is giving you performance or scaling issues, we provide software maintenance to help your business perform effectively and efficiently.

About Us

Watson ITC provides it's clients with an invaluable and professional Bespoke Software Development and Consultancy Service.

Watson ITC is a bespoke software development & consulting company providing a complete software design and development service. Watson ITC delivers the best in class bespoke software solutions, elite software development teams and innovative cloud software to enterprise business across numerous industries.

We believe new technologies are the lifeline of every business in the modern age and aim to connect businesses across all industries to innovative software, technological development, solutions and services, in a manner that’s faster, easier and better than ever before.

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